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Shuri-Tomari Te-kei: "Funakoshi Gichin Honor Monument"

The Funakoshi Gichin Honor Monument, a historical site within the Shuri-Tomari Te lineage, is situated in Okumuyama, Naha City.

In a corner of "Okinawa Prefectural Ounoyama Park," near the mouth of Lake Manko, a tidal flat designated as a protected area under the Ramsar Convention and an international waterfowl habitat, stands a monument honoring a figure revered by all karate enthusiasts. This monument, not far from Naha Airport, the gateway to the main island of Okinawa, pays tribute to Gichin Funakoshi (1868-1957). Funakoshi was a renowned karate practitioner who trained under the Shuri-te master Anko Asato and later played a crucial role in promoting karate on the Japanese mainland. Following his passing, he was regarded as the founder of the Shotokan style. Funakoshi is also credited with defining the term "karate" and is often hailed as the "founder of modern karate" due to his numerous accomplishments. The Shotokan school, founded by Gichin Funakoshi, is widely recognized as the most popular karate school globally.

Situated near the torii (gate) of the Ryukyu Hassha Okinogu (Shrine of the Eight Ryukyu Islands) in the park, the monument honoring Gichin Funakoshi's achievements bears the inscription "No first move in karate" from Funakoshi's "Twenty Articles of Karate." This inscription serves to convey Funakoshi's background, career, and accomplishments, as well as his aspirations, to present-day karate enthusiasts.

Basic Information

Historic Site Name

Gichin Funakoshi Monument


Ounoyama-cho, Naha City, Okinawa 900-0026, Japan (located within Okinawa Prefectural Okubuyama Park)

Parking Area

Free of charge (operating hours: 8:00-22:00) | Parking Lot 1 (Torii side) | Parking Lot 2 (Tennis court side)


5-minute walk from "Ounoyama Koen Station" on the Monorail

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