Pilgrimage Tour to Sacred Sites of Okinawa Karate|Approximately 6 hours.|Karate Tourism Program|Okinawa Karate Tourism
Karate Tourism Program

Pilgrimage Tour to Sacred Sites of Okinawa Karate|Approximately 6 hours.Participation Fee:The tour requires a minimum of 4 participants. The cost is 13,800 yen per person (tax not included).

This historical tour program will take you to monuments honoring Okinawa karate, historical sites, and archives, with lunch featuring Okinawan cuisine included.

Plan Content

■ Program Outline

Embark on a special journey to experience karate exclusively in Okinawa, the "birthplace of karate". Discover the origins of all karate styles, tracing back to Okinawa's rich history. Explore historical karate spots rarely known to the average tourist or local.

■ Cost

4 or more people: ¥13,800 per person (tax not included)
3 persons: ¥17,000 per person (tax not included)
2 persons: ¥19,000 per person (tax not included)
1 person: ¥30,000 per person (tax not included)

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Basic Information

Location Karate-related historic sites and facilities on Okinawa Island.
Route Sample Course:

10:00 a.m. Pick-up at hotel
→ Shikinaen Garden, a place associated with Sokon Matsumura
→ Monument to Chihana Asanobu, founder of Kobayashi ryu
→ Monument to Higashionna Kanryo, founder of Goju-ryu, and Miyagi Choshun
→ 12:00 p.m. Lunchtime (Okinawa soba, a local Okinawan dish)
→ Visit Kobayashi ryu Kenshi Kai dojo and talk with Kobayashi ryu 10th dan, Yoshimasa Kagasu sensei
→ Okinawa Karate Museum
→ Tsuboya Street
→ 4:00 P.M. End of tour
Required Time Approximately 6 hours.
Participation Target Anyone can participate
Other items included in the fee The tour includes:

・Tour guide services
・Facility fees
・Photo data
Operating Company Ageshio Japan Co.,Ltd
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Payment and Cancellation

After registration up to 15 days before: Free of charge
8 to 14 days before: 50% cancellation fee applies
Within 7 days: 100% cancellation fee.