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Shuri-Tomari Te-kei: Origin Record of the Hanagusuku Family Cemetery (Hanashiro Family Cemetery)

The "Hanagusuku Family Cemetery Erection Origin Record (Hanashiro Family Cemetery)" is a historical site of the Shuri-Tomari Te lineage located in Makabi, Naha City.

In Naha City, there is an area called Shintoshin, distinguished by its large shopping malls and restaurants. Across the Yui Rail and National Route 330 lies Makabi, once a farming area renowned for sugarcane and taro cultivation. Today, Makabi has transformed into a serene residential district, attracting many as a fashionable bedroom community.

Nestled within this residential enclave, you'll come across a remarkable sight: an area adorned with magnificent graves. Did you know that within this cemetery lies the grave of a karate master hailing from the 'Shuri-te' lineage of Okinawan karate—a figure one should pay homage to at least once? His name is Hanagusuku Chomo. As a disciple of Matsumura Sokon and Itosu Anko, esteemed masters of Shuri-te, Hanagusuku Chomo rose to prominence as one of the leading karate practitioners, leaving an indelible mark on history for his dedication to the proliferation and advancement of karate through educational institutions.

Should you choose to visit this cemetery, do so with reverence and respect for this revered individual. Please observe proper etiquette, refraining from actions that may disrespect the sanctity of the site, such as burning incense without permission or engaging in demonstrations.

Basic Information

Historic Site Name

Hanagusuku Family Cemetery (Hanashiro Family Cemetery)


3-10 Makabi, Naha City, Okinawa 902-0068, Japan

Parking Area

No facilities available


Approximately a 12-minute walk from "Shimin Byoin Mae Station" of the Monorail

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