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Shuri-Tomari Te-kei: Itosu Anko Memorial Monument (Itosu Family Cemetery)

Itosu Anko Honoring Monument (Itosu Family Cemetery), a historical site of the Shuri-Tomari Te lineage, located in Makabi, Naha City.

In tracing the history of Okinawa karate, one figure stands out prominently: Shuri karate master Itosu Anko. Born into a samurai family in Giho, Shuri, Itosu was initially taught karate by his father to strengthen his weak body and mind. Under the tutelage of the legendary Matsumura Sokon, also a master of Shuri-te karate, Itosu flourished and made significant contributions to various aspects of karate.

Itosu is credited with originating many kata practiced in Shurite dojos, including "Pinan Shodan" to "Pinan Godan," designed for beginners, and "Naifanchi Nidan" and "Naifanchi Sandan." Additionally, Itosu played a pioneering role in introducing karate into school education, leaving behind his "Ten Articles of Karate Shingu (Ten Lessons of Itosu)," which are still regarded as valuable teachings in traditional karate.

Itosu's monument is situated in the Makabi area of Naha City, alongside the graves of Sochon Matsumura, his mentor, and his disciple Nagamo Hanashiro, making it a significant gathering place for historical sites of the Shuri-te lineage's great masters.

Visitors are kindly requested to pay their respects to these esteemed individuals at the gravesites and to conduct themselves with decorum, refraining from actions that may disrespect the sanctity of the location, such as burning incense without permission or demonstrating martial arts.

Basic Information

Historic Site Name

Itosu Anko Monument (Itosu Family Cemetery)


3-10 Makabi, Naha City, Okinawa 902-0068, Japan

Parking Area

No facilities available


Approximately a 12-minute walk from "Shimin Byoin Mae Station" of the Monorail

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