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Shuri-Tomari Te-kei: Matsumura Sokon Tombstone (Matsumura Family Cemetery)

Matsumura Sokon Tombstone (Matsumura Family Cemetery), a historical site of the Shuri-Tomari Te lineage, is located in Makabi, Naha City.

There was once a warrior in the Ryukyu Kingdom known as Bushimatsumura. Born in Shuriyama River, he served the king as a government official, visited Fujian Province in China and Satsuma several times as a delegate, and even obtained kaiden (full license) in the ancient sword art of Jigen-ryu in Satsuma. Matsumura was known for his strength and agility, with his biography describing him as possessing physical abilities that were almost superhuman. His skills and influence still resonate in the dojos of the Shurite lineage, where some of his kata, such as "Matsumura Passai," are still practiced today.

Matsumura Sokon had numerous disciples, led by Itosu Anko, a master who trained many of the karate masters that later became Shurite. Gichin Funakoshi, credited with introducing karate to mainland Japan, also studied under Matsumura's disciples, Itosu Anko and Asato Anko.

The grave of Matsumura Sokon, a historical figure, is located in the Makabi area of Naha City. In the same cemetery, there are monuments to Matsumura's disciple Itosu Anko and another to his grandson Hanashiro Nagamo, making it a sacred place where historical sites of Shurite-keikyu are gathered.

Visitors are requested to approach the gravesites with civility and respect for these great men, adhering to proper manners such as refraining from burning incense without permission and avoiding demonstrations.

Basic Information

Historic Site Name

Matsumura Sokon's tombstone (Matsumura Family Cemetery)


3-10 Makabi, Naha City, Okinawa 902-0068, Japan

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No facilities available


Approximately a 12-minute walk from "Shimin Byoin Mae Station" of the Monorail

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